These Classy Ten Taxi Logos Will Makes You Jaw Down

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These Classy Ten Taxi Logos Will Makes You Jaw Down

These Classy Ten Taxi Logos Will Makes You Jaw Down

Peep, Peep! That annoying taxi sound still reminds me of the olden university days when my yellow cab used to pick me up with that squeaky sound breaking me off to run down steps ,but even that taxi was logo-less . Perhaps, my poor driver won’t even know the meaning of this axiom- ‘LOGO’?


The taxi business is now much more than the way it was used to be with more & more taxi drivers finding this occupation as a way to meet their both ends meet for their households, with many just driving away for fun. But, here I am talking about professional taxi owners who managed fleet of yellow cabs under them, don’t you feel like me that its time to crunch a logo for them, first? The next question pops in: Why? The obvious expected answer is to ‘get identified’.

With loads of people hiring taxis for their professional as well as casual trips with  no time for pedestrianing  , these taxis are now seen overtaking half of the roads , greatly incising the truth how a logo can be of utmost important for this business . Just like the ever striky yellow color of your cab, your taxi logo must equally be attractive to make you stop by travelers.


A perfect taxi logo must communicate the speed factor on the top especially within an advanced consumer market like US, where everything from toilets till beds is digital.  There is no place for the word like’ late’ in their dictionary. From office appointments till dating, they want everything to be perfectly timed. Married individuals want to reach home as soon as possible to spend rest of the time with their better halves –kids & dear wife. Therefore, always denote this ‘speed’ as a USP for your taxi logo to speak for your business to your customers.

The second pricking factor to be specified in your logo is comfort & security. Yes- security  for sole girls travelling all the way to home from their night call –center jobs , security for kids coming back to home from school after tiring day out , security for families relying on taxes for their daily trips !

While designing your taxi logo, think about it thrice whether it has enough of these distinct marks? Do you have the right crew with you to develop your first & last impression? Are your drivers licensed? Is your taxi service sounding safe to your customers? Your logo can answer all these questions to your customer. Pacify your logo with comfort & security stings for enough customer rides. Never ever let your customers to have a harsh or bumpy ride.

No matter, at first your logo doesn’t seems attractive enough for customers but keep on trying & tweaking & you’ll soon get a perfect logo for your own.

Having enough of the discussion about taxi logos to be made around these three qualities: Safety, Security & Comfort –the SSC triad, it’s time to give our viewers a quick glance of some of the best taxi design inspiration ideas.

 Enjoy the read!

  1. Harper Taxis

Harper Taxis

  1. Sutton Taxis

Sutton Taxis

  1. Tapsi


  1. Wealth Taxi

Wealth Taxi

  1. Taxi Town Cab Association

Taxi Town Cab Association

  1. Green Cab

Green Cab

  1. Vision Taxi

Vision Taxi

  1. Nice Taxi

Nice Taxi

  1. Run NYC


  1. Artisan Taxi

Artisan Taxi


So, next time whenever you call a taxi for yourself, don’t forget to look at its logo 1st. If anyone from your family is planning to go for a taxi business then, none other than the above 10 taxi logos could best inspire & practiced by them.

God Almighty bless you all taxi drivers & don’t forget to fasten your seat belts first! is an Australian logo designing agency, specializing in logos of every kind for every industry; flexible with every budget. Give us a call right away for your custom, taxi business logo design today!

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