5 Most Eye Catching Cat And Dog Logos for your industry

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October 6, 2017
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5 Most Eye Catching Cat And Dog Logos for your industry

What have found to be most compelling logo theme these days is the animal logo, capturing the lion’s share of market & proving out to be as success mantra for many early adopter- brands to reach first mover advantage. Not only limited to the pet industry merely, the popular logo themes are now increasingly being adopted by many diverse industries as their mark of identification.

The strong association of a pet owner with his animal communicates some value & your brand needs to understand & relate this. Only smart brands come up with strong brand associations by carefully strategizing around the emotional appeal of a pet owner-animal relation.

You must have seen many of the exciting animal logos being displayed on the billboard  while traveling all the way back to your home but the very one animal logo design tha l\t must have captured your attention again & again is the trendy cat & dog logo  designing theme . Both the species enjoys visible dominance in the American market due to their love with the pets & addiction to pet care. Many Americans prefer to keep both dogs & cats as pets for them & this highlights the above said emotional appeal that marketers needs to sense out.

Cat & dog logos  make the animals attributed in physical appearance & designing . Mostly, black is a color most popularly used as the logo theme & is a winning formula to capture many people‘s brand associations.

The physical form of the cat & dog may differ as per the brand mechanics & industry to which it belongs that contributes greatly in redefining the look & feel of the brand logo. For instance, the cats that are more fluffy in touch conveys a more  customer -friendly & welcoming brand  whereas, mystifying  cats with frizzy looks & abstract physical lines implies the brand to be more creative , out of the box & bold . Same goes for the dog category. You must have seen many brands with a bull dog theme dominantly that conveys a bold & loud brand personality while the other potraying  the most adored breeds like: Vizsla or English Setter , conveying a friendly brand personality . Also, the size of the dog matters. Certain brands go for big dog logos while other prefer smaller, sociable ones, all depending upon brand values.

Despite of the fact that pets aren’t much pleasant to handle in real live but pets in the logo always tends to look friendly, glad & kind. To further visualize this sensitive side, vibrant colors like green, blue, & yellow are being incorporated by the brand people to communicate core brand values like credibility, health & tenderness.

The typography is most often smooth and soft, representing the major tail and general moves of the animal.

Cat & dog logo design are a part & parcel for almost every successful vet clinic branding tactics & pet stores, but things aren’t the same now. Apart from the above so –associated industries for cat & dog logo themes, many other leading businesses are now getting branded via successive use of these friendly, loving & affectionate logos, especially in a US pet lover market. These logos could be a classic choice to brand your business globally.

We have pooled in some of the most inspirational dog and cat logos from dozens of such logos only for your business decisions to capture an edge. Let’s take a kick start with these logos for your business revenues & competitive survival. Truly a win-win formula for establishing client trust.



2. At Home

At Home

3.Pet’s Request

Pet’s Request

4.Beggin’ For more

Beggin’ For more

5.Trims by Tami

 Trims by Tami

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